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Your safety - Our priority!

Seat Belts

It is European law that seat belts must be worn at all times at your bustour in England. We comply to the seat belt regulations relating to bus and minibus services.

Fist Aid

All of our buses carry First Aid Kits which are sealed so that we know when any items has been used. As part of the driver's daily checklist he ensures that the kit is in place and sealed. The First Aid Kit is also checked at our regular preventative maintenance inspections.

Fire Extinguishers

All of our buses carry fire extinguishers. These are sealed so we know it hasn't been used (or tampered with). The drivers check this daily and ensures the extinguisher is in the right position and sealed. The fire extinguisher is also checked as part of our regular preventative maintenance inspections. Additionally the driver make passengers aware of fire exits before the departure.

Vehicle Maintenance

The maintenance of our buses is highest priority and therefore we carry out all vehicle maintenance in-house by our own service team of well-educated expert engineers. Vehicle maintenance records are maintained by our Transport Managers. As a precondition of our operators licence vehicles have to undertake preventative maintenance inspections regulary and these inspections are also carried out by our own engineers.

Vehicle Defect Report System

The company operates a defect reporting system. Our drivers generate daily bus reports and any defects and problems are identified and rectified as soon as possible.

Safety Pack

Our buses carry a safety packs which include Hazard Warning Triangles and a High Visibility Safety Vests. The safety packs are legal requirements in some parts of Europe.


On appointment all staff undergo an induction programme.
Included within the induction programme:

All driving staff have to undertake regular medicals to hold a licence. The expiry date for these medicals is also checked at the same time as the driving licence review.


Smoking on board any company vehicles is prohibited by European law.

Mobile Phones

Staff are reminded, regularly about the use of mobile phones whilst driving.

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